Monthly Archives: April 2009

Accessing Health Insurance

I have children, I don’t have health insurance, and I don’t have much money:

Answers to questions about BadgerCare Plus the State of Wisconsin health insurance plan for lower income families with children younger than 19 –
Phone: Member services at 1-800-362-3002. Website:


Simplifying a Visit to the Doctor

I need to know what to do at the doctor’s office:

Ask Me 3 provides brochures for patients with low literacy to improve communication with their health care providers. This approach has not been shown to make a difference with patients who already are asking questions. Website:

Understanding Health Literacy

I serve adults who have low literacy skills and I would like a quick, free, online course to help me understand health literacy:

Unified Health Communication 101: Addressing Health Literacy, Cultural Competency, and Limited English Proficiency is a free on-line learning experience. – Website:

Health Care in the U.S.

I need to know about health and health care in the United States:

A downloadable, chapter by chapter, easy to read book on finding a doctor, medicine, nutrition, chronic diseases, and staying healthy –

Creating and Accessing Health Literacy Materials

My organization needs to design and print materials for low literacy adults about employee health benefits, work safety, or health care services provided internally or in the community:

How to create and assess health literacy print materials –